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Commission horses

Commission horses are hand made horses for riding and traveling. Every horse is unique. I can't make a copy of another hobby horse, but a copy of a real horse is very possible. The horse is made with love, quality and accommodating customer's ideas and wishes.

How do I order a commission horse?

Making a hobby horse takes days. Because of my  limited time due to my school, I have decided to make just a few horses at a time. It means that you can apply for a commission horse by email. The next application will take place in 27.12.2020-29.12.20202. The horses will be chosen by the application. The choice is influenced by the idea of the horse, general appearance of the application and the amount of previous applications. I will reply to every applicant before 2.1.2020.

The application is informal and must be sent during the application period:

There is a form at the end of the page that can help you with the application.

The next application period: summer 2021 


Materials and price list:

The price of the horse depends on what kind of details the horse will have. The minimum price for the commission horse is 150€.

Detail examples:

mane over 10cm +5e

shadings/lightnings +5e

special coloring +10e

white mark on the head +5e-15e

multi-coloring +20e



There are multiple options for color and texture for the mane. Please let me know it you would like to ask about these.


musta fleece

Equipment for the horse

tummanruskea fleece

If you would like to order equipment for the horse, it is possible. There is no specific price list for equipment that I've made previously. Details can be discussed by email.

tummanharmaa velboa

Application form (informal):

note: If you're underaged, please ask your guardian for permission to send an application.




The horse



details: (marks, shadings, etc.)


write your ideas here.

You can add a picture of a real horse.

Mulla käy aina sama juttu 😣 kun lähen m

Payment and shipping

When the commission horse is ready, I will send pictures and an invoice by email. If you're not happy with the horse, you don't have to buy it. 


The horse will be shipped with fillings but without a stick. The shipping is not included in the price and in Europe it is around 20-30€ depending on the country. 

The payment is via bank transfer (SEPA-payment).

If you have anyting in your mind that you would like to ask, please contact me by email:, or at instagram: @khtcecilia 


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